Gemini Daily Reading

25th March 2023

Dear Gemini,

You’ll find yourself focused on your finances and material possessions in the coming weeks, as Mars moves into Cancer and your solar second house. It’s important to balance your desire for material things with responsible money management.

As the moon enters your sign this evening, you’ll feel a boost of confidence and a deeper understanding of your personal power, as Pluto forms a harmonious connection.

However, you may encounter some challenges in your relationships, as the moon squares off with Mars later in the evening. Consider setting clear boundaries to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

24th March 2023

Dear Gemini,

This morning you will have a unique opportunity to express your love without needing to use many words, thanks to a lovely union between the Taurus moon and Venus. These energies are also ideal for spreading positivity, so it’s recommended that you meditate on love and kindness upon waking up.

As the day progresses, Mars’ final movement through your sign could make you feel a sense of urgency to push through any unfinished projects or goals. Later in the evening, you may experience sudden insights that could unlock the secrets of your subconscious, so it’s important to listen to your inner voice.

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