Libra Daily Reading

30th March 2023

Dear Libra,

This morning you will feel motivated to pursue your aspirations and goals, as the Cancer moon shares a sweet exchange with Neptune. These energies will help you find a sense of ease and harmony in your schedule, allowing you to overcome any feelings of pressure or anxiety.

Later in the day, Venus will align with Uranus, bringing unexpected and exciting opportunities for new and existing relationships. This is a perfect time to explore different types of connections or to deepen your bond with someone special.

As the moon moves into Leo, you may feel compelled to explore your local community, but be sure to make it back home before Saturn’s watchful eye makes its presence felt.

29th March 2023

Dear Libra,

This morning, the Cancer moon’s square with Chiron may make you feel a little low. However, with the assistance of Venus, you can find positivity and regain your personal power. It’s essential to practice self-love and care during this time.

Later in the day, as Luna aligns with Uranus, you may encounter unexpected negotiations, so be open-minded and adaptable. You will feel a celebratory energy when Jupiter becomes active overhead, but it’s important to handle your responsibilities and complete your tasks before getting too excited.

31st March 2023

Dear Libra,

You have the opportunity to shine within your community today, but it will require some effort on your part to connect with others. When the sun and Leo moon align this afternoon, your charisma and charm will be elevated, making it a great time to network and make connections. If you’re in a serious relationship, this cosmic alignment can help you and your partner make a powerful impact together.

However, it’s important to remember to take some time for yourself and prioritize self-care, and perhaps even some romance, later tonight when Chiron becomes active. Don’t neglect your own needs in the midst of all the socializing and networking.