Sagittarius Daily Reading

25th March 2023

Dear Sagittarius,

With Mars moving into Cancer and the transformation sector of your chart, you may feel motivated to work on self-improvement in the coming weeks. While there may be a focus on moving forward, growth may require some sacrifices. Later in the evening, as the moon enters Gemini and activates the love sector of your chart, you may experience a sense of sweetness in the air.

Additionally, a helpful aspect from Pluto may bring depth and profundity to any important or meaningful conversations you have with someone special. It’s an ideal time to deepen your relationships and express your emotions authentically.

24th March 2023

Dear Sagittarius,

This morning, it’s an excellent time to give your body some extra care and attention, as the Taurus moon aligns with Venus, promoting wellness and healthy living. Additionally, Mars concludes its journey through Gemini, urging you to take action on any romantic interests you may have been considering.

This energy also provides an opportunity to reignite the passion in your current relationships, so be sure to prioritize love. Later tonight, Uranus becomes active in your sixth house, which governs routines and habits, presenting an opportunity to reinvent how you move forward in life. Consider trying out a new approach to enhance your daily routine.

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