Taurus Daily Reading

27th March 2023

Dear Taurus,

You may experience unusual coincidences and find connections between your subconscious and the physical world today, as the Gemini moon aligns with mystical Jupiter. Use this cosmic energy to manifest positive outcomes by keeping an optimistic attitude and remaining open to magical opportunities.

However, be mindful of not overloading yourself mentally or emotionally and take a break if needed. Later tonight, watch out for potential conflicts within your community as Luna squares off with Neptune, and be cautious about trusting everything you hear.

26th March 2023

Dear Taurus,

This morning presents an opportunity for introspection as the Aries sun and Gemini moon form a harmonious connection. By focusing on gratitude and security in the present moment, you can benefit from the positive energy in the universe.

Later in the day, when Mercury aligns with Chiron, a healing energy will wash over you and provide moments of enlightenment to help guide your path forward and identify patterns that may need to be broken. As the day comes to a close, consider indulging in something luxurious, as the moon sends a supportive message to Chiron.

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