Virgo Daily Reading

25th March 2023

Dear Virgo,

As Mars moves into Cancer and your solar eleventh house in the coming weeks, you are likely to adopt the role of a social butterfly. This planetary positioning may leave you yearning for community and make you more aware of the intangible connections that link us all. When the Taurus moon aligns with Neptune, take a moment to express gratitude to those who have helped you.

These energies may also assist you in cultivating deeper connections with others, including romantic relationships. Later in the day, as Luna enters Gemini, you may experience a shift in energy that is conducive to reducing stress, prioritizing your well-being, and becoming more organized, thanks to the supportive aspect to Pluto.

24th March 2023

Dear Virgo,

This morning, the universe will bestow its kindness upon you, thanks to a cosmic alignment between the Taurus moon and Venus, creating harmonious vibes. It’s an excellent time to meditate and connect with the energy that surrounds you before starting your day.

Mars is also transiting through Gemini, urging you to finish any unfinished professional tasks. Later tonight, Uranus will activate the spiritual area of your chart, so stay alert for any signs or messages from the universe that may come your way.

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